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SolarEdge Retrofit | PDP

Do you want to make more money from your existing solar PV system?


With the new Power Optimiser and Inverter from SolarEdge this is now possible. This retrofit solution extracts more energy from your existing solar PV installation by adding SolarEdge Power Optimisers to each module – a solution to differing power outputs.


Module mismatch occurs when modules in array are exposed to different environmental factors or don’t show identical electrical properties. Module mismatch results in a different maximum power point (MPP) per module. Module mismatch can be caused by soiling, manufacturing tolerance, shading, snow, bird dropping and leaves.

String systems lower the string’s output to that of the lowest performing module. SolarEdge Power Optimisers perform MPP tracking for each module individually and therefore extract the maximum energy from each module, regardless of other modules in the string.


By upgrading your system to SolarEdge optimised inverter technology, each panel produces its maximum energy, mismatch losses are eliminated, and you can earn more money from your feed-in tariff.




During the past years, inverter efficiency has continually improved, therefore, your system can feed in even more solar energy into the grid.




The graph below shows the additional energy your system could potentially be generating by upgrading to SolarEdge’s optimised inverter technology.
Click here to download the ‘Optimise FiT’ brochure (opens in a new window).


For more information call 01444 480444 or email solar@pdp.services.
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