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What is PV? A solar electric system is commonly referred to as a photovoltaic, or PV generator. It converts sunlight into electricity by a solid-state process involving no moving parts and producing no noise or emissions. What should I consider before installing PV?

  • Is your site south facing?
  • Is your site free from shading?
  • How much space is needed?
  • Is planning permission needed?
Domestic Solar Panel Solutions in Burgess Hill, Sussex


Does solar really work in the UK?

Yes. The PV cells in the panels only require daylight to work and will even generate energy on cloudy days. The sun does shine enough in West Sussex to make a PV solar system work efficiently!

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What is the cost of a solar PV system?

We do not provide a fixed price for a solar PV system because every installation is different. However as a rough guide, a 4KWp grid-connected PV system using high quality Hyundai or LG panels will cost in the from £ 6250.00 and a 2KWp would be from£ 4250.00. These systems will also benefit from the Solar Edge panel optimizers and inverter energy harvesting system.
Most homeowners install a 2-4 KWp system but the cost of the system can vary according to the roof type and exiting fuseboard configuration.

Can i get money back from generating my own electricity?

Once the system is fitted and registered with your electricity supplier, you will be eligible for payments for every Kilowatt hour that you generate and another payment for every kilowatt hour that you are deemed to have exported.

These payments are guaranteed for 20 years and the FIT component is index linked.

What maintenance and cleaning does a PV system need?

Solar photovoltaic systems have no moving parts and operate silently. They require virtually no technical maintenance and components will have a very long life. Black anodised aluminium frames with an additional coating ensures extremely high corrosion resistance and a long service life. One potential problem could be bird life in the area spoiling the panels, if this is an issue we will discuss appropriate options with you and an annual clean of the panels could prove beneficial in a lot of cases.

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