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PDP http://pdpsolar.co.uk Solar Panels | Solar Energy | Solar Power Burgess Hill, Mid Sussex Wed, 07 Sep 2016 13:05:02 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en 4kWp Solar PV system installed and commissioned in Haywards Heath today. http://pdpsolar.co.uk/4kwp-solar-pv-system-installed-and-commissioned-in-haywards-heath-today LG Pro Solar Partner http://pdpsolar.co.uk/lg-pro-solar-partner We are an official Tesla Energy certified installer http://pdpsolar.co.uk/we-are-an-official-tesla-energy-certified-installer 150kw solar system in Barcome Sussex http://pdpsolar.co.uk/150kw-solar-system-in-barcome-sussex High Demand http://pdpsolar.co.uk/high-demand 19 kWp Solar PV system for a local garden centre in Hassocks http://pdpsolar.co.uk/19-kwp-solar-pv-system-for-a-local-garden-centre-in-hassocks LG solar partner
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Bespoke lighting design and management of office refit carried out for a client in Brighton. http://pdpsolar.co.uk/bespoke-lighting-design-and-management-of-office-refit-carried-out-for-a-client-in-brighton Community funded solar project success http://pdpsolar.co.uk/community-funded-solar-project-success New recruit! http://pdpsolar.co.uk/new-recruit